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    It's not specifically for oily skin, but it's an excellent moisturizer that you can apply at night after doing your normal cleansing routine. The lotion will sink in beautifully, and by the time you get up in the morning and wash your face at the sink or in the shower - you'll have provided your face with really nice moisture at night, and then you can wash with your favourite morning cleanser.
    Donald Phelps - Manager Co.
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    I don't believe that any lotion, cream, moisturizer, etc. has anti-aging benefits no matter how expensive.Creams, etc. moisturize your skin so that it feels better to the touch and moisturizes dry, flaky skin My doctor suggested I use it because my skin is very dry. Drinking a lot of water also helps.
    Derrick Rodgers - Manager
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    It's not an instant cream that changes things when applied.It's a cream that within 3 weeks of use I noticed a change to the smoothness of my skin as well as diminished wrinkles, everywhere.If I stop using it, I do see an increase in wrinkles again.It's very moisturizing without being heavy.
    Donald Phelps - Manager Co.
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    First, its not a cream. It's a light gel. I don't have dry skin so I'm not sure how well it would work on dry skin. It's light and airy in texture. My skin is oily and it balances my skin nicely. You might just have to try it and see. This moisturizer is the best i've ever used.I've tried so many but none before this have helped my dry peeling skin.My dry peeling skin is now back to normal and has a healthy glow.
    Minerva Ferguson - Founder & CEO

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